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The best solution for those who wants to fix problems fast and easy.

From 29 USD


Better solution for make assurance of fixing problems within 6 month.

149 USD


Start your effective business online with our solutions! It's easy!

69 USD

All services of the company System365 are provided remotely (remotely), without the need to wait for the arrival of a specialist and waste on the road. This is our advantage. At any time you can contact us and get quality qualified help.

After you have contacted us, the specialist will tell you about our services, tariffs and solutions, from which you can choose what is right for you. We are sure that there will be a suitable solution!

Once the choice is made, you will be registered in our system of caring for customers and partners, and you will receive a welcome letter, which will indicate the chosen tariff, its cost and all the possibilities for payment. At any time convenient for you, you can pay for the order, and send us a confirmation of payment. In response, you will receive your account number and subscription period. If you ordered software or other services, they will also be provided.

As soon as we received payment, our specialist will contact you and tell you how to contact your personal technician. After that you can contact him at any time, call your account number, and ask any questions. If necessary, the technician can remotely connect to your computer and fix any problems that arise.

For the entire duration of the subscription, you receive your equipment, with which you can contact at any time convenient for you.

All conversations and the process of providing services are recorded, so in case of any questions the project management has the right to view or listen to the recording. The recording is conducted primarily to control the quality of the services provided.

These rules can be changed at any time by the Project management system365. All changes take effect after their publication.