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The best solution for those who wants to fix problems fast and easy.

From 29 USD


Better solution for make assurance of fixing problems within 6 month.

149 USD


Start your effective business online with our solutions! It's easy!

69 USD

Why can I trust you?
We have been working in the market of these services for more than 5 years, and we know exactly what services are suitable for our clients. We are professionals who are always ready to help. Our goal is effective computer operation and your safety.

I do not want to subscribe. Just fix my computer.
No problem! For you, one of the tariffs of the Standard line is suitable. And our specialists will be happy in a few hours to fix any of your problems with the computer!

What do you need to help me?
After you purchase a subscription, our specialist, who will become your personal technician for the entire subscription period, connects via the Internet to your computer and performs all necessary actions.

My computer does not boot. How can you help me?
Unfortunately, to fix bugs, we need to connect to the Internet on a working computer. If the computer does not turn on, you should contact the service center.

I paid for it, but the quality of the services did not suit me. Return the money!
If you want to return the cost of paid services, write us a letter with a description of the problem that has not been resolved. We will review your application and refund the money. The application must be submitted not later than 1 week from the date of payment.

How to pay for your services?
You can pay for our services by electronic money (Yandex.Money or WebMoney), transfer to VISA or MasterCard, bank transfer or Western Union transfer. Requisites for payment will be sent to you by e-mail after receiving an application for subscription or provision of services.

When will you start repairing my computer?
As soon as you make a payment, you will receive a confirmation letter and your account number. After that, you can contact us, name the account number and our specialist will transfer you to the service to your personal equipment.

Why should I pay you, if I myself solve problems with my computer?
If you are an expert yourself, then our help can be required only if you can not solve a problem in the future, or you need advice from qualified specialists.

I am satisfied with the work of my computer. Why do you need?
Subscription to our services is a kind of insurance. At any time you can contact us with any question or problem, and we will gladly help you! We will insure you against viruses, malware and spyware, loss of data and other possible problems.