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The best solution for those who wants to fix problems fast and easy.

From 29 USD


Better solution for make assurance of fixing problems within 6 month.

149 USD


Start your effective business online with our solutions! It's easy!

69 USD

Want to do online business, but do not know where to start? We will tell!

Each person is unique in its own way. And everyone has something to tell a large audience? Only you know how to install a washing machine in the house, or your borscht recipe is the most delicious, or you know how to properly care for a strawberry - then you here! Whatever you think and whatever skills you use, they can be useful to society. And on this you can build a business!

What is needed for this? It's simple! You become our partners, we create for you a business site that is already your asset in your business. And then we take care of all the work! Contact us and find out more!

Our tariffs for business sites:

Service / Plan Business.Start Business.Pro Business.Corp
Domain name (1 year) + + +
Hosting (1 year) + + +
CMS + + +
Ready-to-use design + - -
Selectable design - + +
Unique design - - +
5 pages - + +
More texts - 3 +
Links on the website + + +
Adverising on the website + + +
Links to the website - 5 10
Indexing + + +
User counters + + +
Adding to directories Free directories Free directories Paid directories
Monitoring - Once a month Once a week
Optimization - - +
Inviting more users - - +
Adding articles - Once a month Once a week
Auction + + +
Payment 20 USD 69 USD From 109 USD
Monthly payment (subscription) - 10 USD From 29 USD
  Pay now Pay now Pay now

Do not know what to write about on the site? No problem! Get a catalog site and earn revenue from advertising and placing links and articles! A ready-made solution for those who want to receive passive income! The cost of the solution is 39 USD per year with domain and hosting.